Carol delivers exactly what she promises – Resolutions to conflicts without the cost, risk and aggravation of litigation. Carol’s integrity is beyond reproach and her personal style puts clients instantly at ease.

— John, former client

My goal is to provide thoughtful, wise and skilled counsel as you make your family transitions. Change often brings conflict. Most people find conflict uncomfortable. Response to conflict is the most critical factor in managing how uncomfortable it becomes. Traditional litigation processes tend to feed and escalate conflict so I choose to focus my practice on alternatives to litigation. Using Collaborative Law, mediation, conflict coaching and direct negotiation, I will support your goal for a dignified and durable agreement.

In each of these alternative dispute resolution processes, a successful outcome begins with identifying your interests, needs and goals. Skilled communication moves the process forward. Whether you choose a process with more support, like Collaborative Law or a DIY (Do it yourself) approach with consultation and coaching, clearly identifying your goals and interests as well as the goals and interests of your spouse is crucial.

Agreements are made when needs and interests are met. For example, if your interest is a quick resolution and your spouse’s interest is future security, you can agree to give most, or all of the property to your spouse so each interest is met. If you are both interested in security, then a slower, more thoughtful approach is necessary to meet those interests.

As you move through this process, you will have many opportunities to make choices. First you choose how to begin. Electing to engage with your spouse and move toward agreement rather than fighting and moving toward judgment will affect not only this transition process but your future relationships. It is rare that the relationship between the spouses is the only one affected. Relationships with children, siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends are often impacted as well. Your future begins with a wise choice.