Mediation is a confidential, guided process for reaching agreements. The mediator is neither a decision maker nor an advisor. Instead, the mediator will skillfully identify issues, help navigate emotional currents and guide parties toward agreement while remaining impartial.

Mediation can work for couples who do not want to turn their outcome over to a court or arbitrator. In mediation, you will:

  • Identify interests, goals and issues
  • Find support to maintain power balance
  • Find support to manage the emotional aspects of conflict
  • Bring the interests of all family members together in an agreement tailored to your circumstances
  • Negotiate an agreement that is durable and binding
  • Complete your legal action without turning decision making over to the court

Ineffective communication often causes relationships to deteriorate. At the same time, relationships often don’t end when the legal process is complete. The relationship continues but takes a different shape. As a mediator, Carol can help to restore balance and perspective in communication so parties remain focused on the needs and interests of all family members.


Co-mediation offered at Carol D. Betts Family Law & Mediation PLLC is a process where two mediators with different professional perspectives work with you to reach an agreement. This process is most often used when parenting is an issue but can be helpful for any mediation. In addition to the legal perspective offered by Carol, a child and family counselor will provide insight on child development, support effective communication and enhance the emotional safety of the process so it is most effective.

Do you need a lawyer for mediation?

In order to remain impartial, mediators may not give either party legal advice. As mediator, Carol can determine the legal issues that need to be resolved but cannot advise either party to take a particular course of action.

Therefore, both parties should have independent advice from counsel during mediation. Consider consulting with a lawyer at different points in the process or have your attorney accompany you during the mediation. Carol is a trained mediator and an attorney. She can mediate your agreement or counsel you as you work with another mediator. As your counsel, Carol can:

  • Meet before a mediation session to discuss goals, options, strategies and potential obstacles to agreement
  • Be available for consultation during a mediation session
  • Review agreements before you sign them
  • Draft the documents necessary to implement your agreement and complete your legal process
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