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Your Decision – Family Law by Agreement

Your Transition – Divorce, Separation, Parenting Plans and Property Agreements

Your Process – Mediation, Collaborative Process, Co-Parenting and Legal Coaching

Thoughtful, wise, experienced support for a dignified transition where you make the decisions.  Directed by goals and interests you identify, we guide you through conflict and confusion to informed decisions with practical, legal, financial and parenting information.  We believe that you have the answers and we will help you communicate your ideas, clarify intentions, add detail, and create a durable agreement.

Divorce Services

There are two ways to divorce:

1. The court decides, or
2. You decide by agreement.

We prefer the second option. Our Mediation, Collaborative Process and coaching services support your desire to stay out of court and negotiate an agreement. You choose the client-centered process, you choose the client-driven resolution and you avoid the emotional and financial costs of an adversarial process that is designed to pit you against your spouse.

When a marital or committed relationship ends, negotiating your own settlement keeps you in charge of decisions and protects your privacy.

Parenting Services

Children don’t divorce their parents.  They have to learn how to cope even when parents behave badly.  Ongoing conflict between parents is the primary predictor of poor outcomes for children of divorce.  You know that you want minimal impact on your children.  In fact, you want them to thrive.  We support these goals.  Our Mediation, Collaborative Process and Co-Parenting Coaching services help you navigate difficult decisions and keep the focus on your children.

Property Agreements

Whether you are transitioning into a relationship or moving out of one, we can help you negotiate agreements regarding your property.  A pre-nuptial agreement or post-nuptial agreement will clarify intentions regarding separate and marital property whether or not your marriage lasts until death parts you.
Non-marital relationship agreements establish common understanding and help couples avoid financial conflicts.

When a marital or committed relationship ends before the death of a partner, negotiating your own settlement contract keeps you in charge of decisions and protects your privacy. Our processes support your negotiations.



“Carol delivers exactly what she promises – Resolutions to conflicts without the cost, risk and aggravation of litigation. Carol’s integrity is beyond reproach and her personal style puts clients instantly at ease.”
John, former client


“[Carol] is smart and detail-oriented. I am happy to recommend Carol to assist you with family law matters.”
Junita, former client


“Knowledgeable and easy to work with.”
Chuck, former client

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